The Bell helicopter family of turbine-powered rotary wing aircraft is widely considered to be the safest, most reliable aircraft of any kind flying throughout the world. (1)

Reviewing a study done in 2016 U.S. Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) Heliport Accident Study “No person from the general public has ever been injured or killed from an accident occurring at a ground-based private-use helipad.”

For the purpose of EGL residents, this constitutes a 100% safety record!  You cannot say the same about any other type of vehicle on the planet!

Using prior data, the FAA and NTSB determined that the probability of an accident is one accident every 495 years on a landing area based on 400 operations a year.  Under the assumption that Mr. Schieffer would fly 50 operations per year, that equates to a possibility of an accident once every 3,960 years!

As Stated above, helicopters are safe.  Mr. Schieffer can fly in the area currently and intends to do so. The issue here is where should he land the helicopter – Option A or Option B?